Our passion lies in connecting talented winemakers with wine enthusiasts, ensuring that each bottle reaches its audience. The journey from the winery to the consumer's glass is a crucial one, and we are dedicated to making it seamless and enjoyable for all involved.
Our purpose is to be a reliable and passionate partner, fostering strong relationships with both wineries and trade partners. At Clarity Cru, distribution is not just a business; it's a meaningful endeavour that allows us to celebrate the craftsmanship, artistry, and passion behind every bottle, and celebrate the seamless delivery to trade and beyond.


We started by selecting a diverse range of exceptional wines from talented winemakers, who we believe offer quality, are specialists in their wine styles and are authentic to their regions and locations of origin.We then got busy building a wine distribution-focussed warehouse that allows us to enhance the efficiency around our storage and picking system that is integrated with our Clarity Workflow that allows us to track trade order from pick to pack, to dispatch to delivery and receipt.

At Clarity, it is the little things that make the big difference and we are focussing on these to ensure that we are delivering more than just wine.