Agrarian Wine

McLaren Vale, SA

Agrarian Wines is a visionary alliance of passionate connoisseurs from the wine industry. Fuelled by a commitment to sustainability and organic practices, they embrace agriculture as not just a livelihood but a way of life. Agrarian unites the art of winemaking with a harmonious connection to nature, crafting elixirs that sing with captivating flavours.


Commitment to sustainability and organic practices

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Winemakers: Ashleigh Seymour & Kate Goodman

Highly accomplished winemakers with remarkable journeys through Australia’s finest wine regions. Ashleigh’s expertise blossomed in France’s Condrieu and Tuscany’s Avignonesi, elevating wines to exceptional expressions. Kate crafted remarkable wines at Punt Road Wines and Goodman Wines, then Penley Estate and Zonzo Estate.