Marlborough, New Zealand

Behold Astrolabe Wines, a precious gem among premium wine producers, lovingly nurtured by two generations of the esteemed Waghorn Family in Marlborough, NZ. With a legacy spanning over four decades, Astrolabe has perfected an incredible Sauvignon Blanc style that is intricately woven with the essence of its diverse vineyard origins – and annually lauded around the globe. Meticulous site selection, skilled harvesting, and gentle fruit handling harmoniously craft the heart of these Marlborough wines. The result is a personal touch, an enchanting symphony of focus, balance, and elegance, capturing the pure, intense fruit flavours bestowed by the region’s divine climate and soils. Embrace the artistry of Astrolabe, where every bottle embodies the extraordinary spirit of Marlborough’s terroir


Focus, balance, and sheer elegance.

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Winemakers: Simon Waghorn

Simon Waghorn stands as a luminary among New Zealand’s winemakers, representing his amazing country’s pioneering generation of university-trained artisans. Simon’s devotion to showcasing regional varietal nuances is evident in every bottle, epitomising the very essence of a quintessential yet distinct Marlborough producer – with each wine, a harmonious dance of focus, balance, and sheer elegance.