Atlas Wines

Clare Valley, SA

At the heart of Atlas Wines lies a beautifully simple vision: crafting exceptional wines from the finest fruit, sourced not only from their own vineyards in Australia’s esteemed Clare Valley but also from neighbouring regions with extraordinary provenance. Embracing a philosophy of minimal intervention and meticulous attention to detail, Atlas Wines honours and celebrates the unique character of each vineyard in every bottle they produce. The result is elegant yet powerful red wines and delicately structured whites that skilfully narrate the story of a place and time, earning the winery welldeserved accolades both nationally and internationally. With a commitment to quality and a passion for winemaking, Atlas Wines invites enthusiasts to indulge in an extraordinary journey that showcases the true essence of nature’s bounty, one bottle at a time.


Great wine from the highest quality fruit


Winemakers: Adam Barton

Adam Barton’s journey into the world of winemaking was sparked by a transformative encounter with a glass of the enchanting 1965 Lindemans Hunter River Burgundy. His passion for wine grew as he immersed himself in winemaking experiences across the world. His interest in crafting fine wines led him to be a devoted winemaker with a wealth of experiences.