Sonoma County, USA

Cannonball wines embody the true essence of the moment: Like the label suggests in showing a child soaring through the air about to hit the water – embrace the moment and enjoy! Each varietal, sourced meticulously from exclusive regions across California, offers pungency and pure delight. With the Golden State’s diverse microclimates, topography, and soils, Cannonball’s team of skilled winemakers craft wines of complexity and unwavering consistency – a pure expression of the grape’s character. Their fruit sourcing approach to brings a remarkable flexibility, allowing them to achieve the distinct Cannonball style while upholding timeless quality, year after year. From the vineyards to the bottle, Cannonball wines stand as a testament to the team’s dedication and passion for the art of winemaking.


Micro climates, topography, and soils provide the perfect palette.


Winemakers: Ondine Chattan

Ondine’s passion for winemaking combines her love for nature, science, technology, literature, art, culture, design, cuisine, fashion, and compassion. For Ondine, wine is about forging connections – from the vineyard to the cellar, from the bottle to the shelf, and from the table to the hearts of people who come together to share a moment.