Hutton Vale Farm

Eden Valley, SA

Hutton Vale Farm, a 2000-acre picturesque estate in Eden Valley’s north-eastern hills, sets the stage for the exceptional Hutton Vale wines. Positioned close to the renowned ‘Hill of Grace’ and Mt. Edelstone, the vineyards thrive in this remarkable terroir. With a rich history of diverse agricultural pursuits, including fruits, tobacco, sheep, cattle, and grapes, each generation’s dedication has been instrumental in crafting the finest Hutton Vale wines. Guided by the Angas philosophy and a deep respect for Mother Nature, their winemaking artistry captures the very essence of the land, allowing the wines to beautifully reflect the soils and ever-changing seasons. Hutton Vale wines stand as a testament to enduring stewardship, showcasing a profound connection with the land and a commitment to producing wines of exceptional quality and character.


Respectful of the authority of Mother Nature.

  • SUST
  • VEG


Winemakers: Stuart & Caitlin Angas

Stuart and Caitlin Angas, seventh-generation custodians of Hutton Vale Farm, bring a modern touch to the family’s 100- year only vigneron tradition. They lead the farm into a promising future, blending the past with innovative skills inspired by biodynamic principles. Passionate and dedicated, their grape growing craft elevates Hutton Vale Farm’s legacy to new heights.