La Belle Collection

Provence, Rhone Valley, France

Set against the backdrop of Provence’s breathtaking landscapes, this collection is a testament to the De Barry family’s legacy and commitment to excellence. Founded by a family of passionate winegrowers that have been in business for ten generations, La Belle collection epitomises the winemaking skill of Erwan de Barry and his father Renaud while embodying the terroir of the north-western Mediterranean region. The collection’s name translates to “The Beautiful Collection,” and rightfully so – every sip is an exploration of the rich history and the beauty of Provence’s vineyards. With a blend of tradition and innovation, La Belle Collection offers an exquisite and authentic experience, inviting wine enthusiasts to savour the allure of Provence in every pour.


A blend of tradition and innovation.


Winemakers: Erwann de Barry, Renaud de Barry & Pascal Sendrey

La Belle Collection was the idea of Erwann de Barry, eldest son and Adeline and Renaud. Each wine is named after a character within the wine’s region of origin; be it ‘Collette’ on her bicycle riding through Provence, beautiful ‘Blanche’ taking in the view or cheeky ‘Lucien’ tearing up the streets of his village. Each wine’s personality is reflected on its label.