Le Grand Noir

Minervois, France

In 2005, three long-time lovers of French cuisine, lifestyle (and especially wine) dreamed of creating something different. Robert Joseph, an award-winning wine critic; Hugh Ryman, one of the original ‘flying winemakers’ with amazing global production experience; and top label-designer Kevin Shaw got together and created le Grand Noir. Joining forces with a group of young vignerons in one of the oldest wine regions of France, they wanted to make wines that were fascinating but approachable, maintaining the unique and precious biodiversity in the region where le Grand Noir’s grapes are grown. Today, le Grand Noir – the little ‘black’ sheep – can be found in 61 countries and is one of France’s most widely distributed non-Champagne brands, with an official HVE stamp of sustainability on the back label.


Food-friendly wines from South France, with a fresh, New World style.

  • SUST


Winemakers: Eric Lacuve

One of the region’s most experienced winemakers, Eric Lacuve and his dynamic team at Celliers Jean d’Alibert are some of the best in France. With input from Le Grand Noir’s three founders, Eric and his team do the daily ‘grind’ of winemaking and cellar work. Unusually openminded and youthful – this team also have an intense love and respect for the traditions of their region.