Lino Ramble

McLaren Vale, SA

Lino Ramble is a boutique winery that artfully combines texture (Lino) and adventure (Ramble) in its wines, most of whom are primarily sourced from single vineyards which are adhering to organic or even biodynamic principals. Their focus is on creating wines that exhibit a strong sense of place, embracing approachability, medium-weight pallet structure and prioritising texture ahead of primary flavours. As well as the serious wine side, it’s also about two close friends; Ange and Andy, with a common thread: childhood adventures on the faithful treadlie, lino floors, vinyl records, and board games. Putting Lino Ramble together was always going to be about sharing the adventure: the thrill of the ride. Join them as Andy says: “each vintage it feels like we climb on top of the dog kennel, tie on a cape, hold our breath and leap…!”


Intriguing, interesting and drinkable grape varieties.

  • VEG
  • BIO


Winemakers: Andy Coppard & Angela Townsend

With a deep-rooted passion for sustainable practices, Andy and Angela draw inspiration from their grower partners who view organic farming not as a fringe activity, but as a fundamental responsibility to nurture their natural resource base and adapt to the challenges posed by climate change. They have embraced a holistic winemaking approach, harnessing the richness of their land.