Santa Barbara, USA

Santa Barbara’s first commercial vineyard was planted in 1964 by Uriel J Neilson, who defied local critics that the area was too cold for vines. The vines not only survived – they thrived! This Southern Californian wine region is certainly unique: steep mountain ranges along the coast run in a rare east-west orientation, creating a funnel for cooling coastal breezes which flow from the ocean through the opened valleys, bringing consistent morning fog & afternoon winds. This constant maritime influence results in Santa Barbara having one of the world’s longest growing seasons for any wine region. The Nielson Vineyard delivers muscular Pinot Noirs with dark fruit & floral notes as well as balanced Chardonnays with renowned minerality, complimented by citrus, and orange blossom notes.


The perfect setting for stunning wines with minerality,acidity and

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Winemakers: Anna Clifford

It was a film that kickstarted Anna’s path to wine. The film was French Kiss (no, not Sideways) and highlighted wine’s ability to capture a moment in time and its tendency to grow in beautiful places. After studying at UC Davis, Anna spent a decade making mainly Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay for distinguished wineries, before a vintage in Central Otago, NZ launched a passion for Pinot Noir.