Project K By Nova Vita

Adelaide Hills, SA

The Project K range of wines is a natural wine project by Nova Vita, launched in January 2019 as a new challenge beyond the Firebird range. It features fruit from the Woodlands Ridge Vineyard during its organic transition, along with select Adelaide Hills vineyards that share similar philosophies. The key principles guiding Project K wines are small batch production, field blends, natural yeasts, minimal sulphur, and no fining or filtration. Embracing a Lo-Fi “laneway style,” these wines constantly evolve and surprise, experimenting with different varieties, blends, and winemaking approaches, offering an ever-changing and exciting wine experience each year


Expect the unexpected each year.


Winemakers: Mark Kozned

Driven by his passion for pushing boundaries, Mark crafts wines showcasing the essence of select vineyards transitioning to organic practices. Guided by a natural, non-intervention approach, he creates a field blend bottle, an exquisite fusion of Shiraz and Pinot Noir, offering an alluring experience for wine enthusiasts to revel in their visionary artistry.