Ridge Vineyards

Santa Cruz Mtns, Sonoma County, USA

This esteemed California winery is one of the World’s most revered producers and specialises in premium Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, and Chardonnay wines. Ridge is renowned for their focus on single estate wines, where each label’s grapes come exclusively from a particular vineyard. Operating with a unique philosophical approch that the team call ‘pre-Industrial winemaking’, Ridge achieves exceptional quality through sustainable and organic farming, meticulous handpicking and sorting of grapes, native yeast usage, naturally occurring malolactic fermentation, and minimal SO2 usage. Ridge was one of the first wineries in the world to introduce listing all ingredients on it’s labels and the team embarked on a decade-long journey to obtain full organic certification, becoming the largest single owner of USDA certified organic vineyards in California by the 2020 vintage.


Ridge is an American ‘standard bearer’ for quality winemaking.

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Winemakers: John Olney

John is a highly acclaimed winemaker, influenced by European wine traditions from travels to France and Italy, mentored by his uncle, Richard Olney. Joining Ridge Vineyards in 1996, he achieved impressive milestones, overseeing the innovative straw bale winery at Lytton Springs. Appointed as Head Winemaker & COO since 2021, John’s expertise continues to shape Ridge Vineyards’ legacy of excellence.