Treviso, Italy

Serenello is perfect on holidays and in your leisure time. It came into being one colourful midsummer afternoon with a group of young people sipping an aperitif on the beach as they enjoyed the pleasure of a holiday. These young, fresh wines are vivacious, cheerful, colourful and vigorous, just like the garlands worn at feasts and celebrations. The name Serenello recalls the Serena family and is its joyful, light-hearted way of being together, without forgoing the top quality typical of all wines by Serena Wines 1881.


The young, casual & vivacious brand of Serena 1881

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Winemakers: Luca Serena

Still family owned, Serena 1881 is rooted in the values the company has proudly pursued for five generations: tradition, territory, transparency, sustainability and quality.