Sokol Blosser

Oregon, USA

Sokol Blosser winery was established in the Dundee Hills AVA in the Willamette Valley, Oregon in 1971, facing the challenge of building a wine industry from scratch. Despite the challenges of establishing a wine industry from the ground up, their dedication and passion laid the foundation for what would eventually become a thriving winery. Today, the winery is a second-generation operation, with a focus on sustainability and mindful environmental practices. Sokol Blosser produces world-class wines that express the unique flavours of their Dundee hillside vineyards. Since 2015, Sokol Blosser has achieved USDA Organic and B Corp certifications, joining a select group of 25 wineries worldwide recognised for their commitment to organic and sustainable practices.


World-class quality wines.

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Winemakers: Robin Howell and Alex Sokol Bloser

With years of experience and training in various parts of the globe, from New Zealand’s Marlborough and Central Otago to the South of France near Limoux, Robin’s expertise spans diverse winemaking styles and scales. Her dedication and expertise are now showcased in the exquisite wines crafted at Sokol Blosser, where she proudly leads the team.