Wilimee Wines

Macedon Ranges, VIC

Welcome to Wilimee Wines, a charming family-run vineyard nestled in the picturesque Macedon Ranges. Our ethos is straightforward yet profound: we are dedicated to crafting exceptional wines. Situated at an altitude of 600m, our cool climate is an ideal haven for nurturing Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes. Hand-picked from our rare Cambrian soil estate, one of the oldest geological sites in Australia, the vineyard stands adjacent to a hallowed quarry, once revered for its greenstone, used by the Wurundjeri people to craft stone axes. Translating to ‘Place of Stone Axe,’ Wilimee Moor-ing honours this sacred heritage. With our vines planted in 1982, making them among the region’s oldest, we take pride in producing wines that are a testament to our rich history and the exceptional terroir that surrounds us.


Pride in producing wines that are a testament to our rich history.

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Winemakers: Ben Ranken

In 2013, Ben Ranken acquired the Wilimee vineyard, employing regenerative practices to revive it. Dry-grown vines and organic methods are core, with focus on chardonnay and pinot noir on granite and Cambrian soils. Ranken enhances organic matter and tackles issues like eutypa, grafting both varietals to highlight soil-specific traits.