Winmark Wines

Hunter Valley, NSW

Winmark, meaning “Field of Wines” in Danish, celebrates the remarkable revival of the historic Poole’s Rock Vineyard, established in 1988 and named after the iconic large rock on the property. The restoration of the 130 stunning acres planted to only Chardonnay has been overseen by Danish vigneron Karin Adcock. Renowned as one of the Hunter Valley’s finest Chardonnay sites, Winmark goes beyond being a premium Chardonnay producer; it’s a destination that connects guests with wine, architecture, art, and nature. With a team of highly skilled and passionate wine professionals, Winmark is dedicated to delivering the best from the vine to the glass, ensuring an exceptional wine experience.


An exceptional wine experience.

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Winemakers: Xanthe Hatcher & John Belsham

With a passion for crafting exceptional Chardonnays, Xanthe Hatcher serves as the talented winemaker, while under the watchful guidance of internationally acclaimed winemaker John Belsham. Together, they form an unparalleled team, combining Xanthe’s expertise and creativity with John’s wealth of experience and mastery of winemaking techniques.