Muddy Water

Waipara, New Zealand

Muddy Water is a pioneering winery in Waipara, New Zealand, known for its organic practices on the South Island. Established in 2003 on the clay slopes of Omihi hills with ungrafted vines, the name originates from the Maori words Wai (water) and Para (muddy), reflecting the area’s rich clay soils. It boasts the oldest certified organic vineyard in the region, producing all wines in an on-site straw bale winery. Emphasising artisanal craftsmanship, they hand-harvest all grapes, undergo wild fermentation, and bottle without fining. As the first certified organic winery in Canterbury, they stay true to their small-batch, soulful approach amidst a commercialising wine industry. Believing in the authenticity of the land and vintage, they avoid additives or flavourings, allowing the true expression of soil, vines, and season to shine through in each wine.


The true expression of soil, vines, from one of NZ’s original Organic

  • SUST
  • VEG
  • BIO


Winemakers: Dominic Maxwell

With a flair for crafting wines that push the boundaries of taste and delight the senses, Dom’s passion and expertise shine through in every bottle. Muddy Water is one of NZ’s first and oldest certifed vineyards. Embracing a fusion of tradition and innovation, these wines from Dom’s and his team offer a captivating journey, enticing drinkers to explore a world of delightful flavours, textures, and aromas.