Heathcote, VIC

Tellurian is a family-owned and organically certified winery located in the heart of Heathcote. Their vineyards benefit from the warm days and cool nights on the slopes of the Mount Camel ranges. Founded in 2002, Tellurian is dedicated to crafting benchmark wines that showcase the unique site above the 550-million-year-old red Cambrian soil. Their first vintage in 2008 was the Tellurian shiraz, now known as Tranter, which inspired their focus on Rhone varieties like shiraz, grenache, Mourvèdre, marsanne, roussane, and viognier, along with Italian wines like nero d’avola and fiano, ideally suited to the climate.


Tellurian are driven to make benchmark wines.

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Winemakers: Tobias Ansted

From modest wine-drinking traditions, Tobias’s life transformed when he worked at Lark Hill winery. Inspired by Burgundy’s exquisite wines, he pursued vineyard-focused winemaking. As chief winemaker at Balgownie Estate, he honed his expertise before co-founding Tellurian with Ian, leaving an indelible mark on Australia’s wine industry.