White Stone Wines

Coonawarra, SA

The White Stone winery building was originally built by Mildara, one of the oldest wineries in the district, It is no surprise that White Stone has a longstanding connection with the community. Embracing innovation and collaboration, White Stone has embarked on a transformative journey bringing together the expertise of a seasoned winemaking team and the dedication of regional grape growers. In doing so, White Stone not only crafts remarkable wines but also has strengthened the bonds that tie White Stone to the community, fostering a collective sense of pride and shared achievement.


On trend, delicious and affordable.

  • SUST


Winemakers: Martin Cooper

Wine tragic, Martin Cooper celebrates his 30th vintage in 2024, making wine from Bordeaux to Baden, from Coonawarra to California, and every other letter you can imagine. Martin heads a team of talented young winemakers, each with their own unique story but all tainted by the terrible brush of passion and creativity for all things vinous.